Nuffnang Shutterbug CNY 2013 Photoshoot

By in Life, Outings on 2 February, 2013

NN Shutterbug CNY 2013 Shoot

A few hour ago, Serge joined the Nuffnang Shutterbug team at Thean Hou Temple with the Nuffnang FashionFabulous for a Chinese New Year Photoshoot. As this shoot was for the Lunar New Year, what better way than to get the fashionistas to don Cheong Sam by COVE.

There are many things that we would like to say during the 3 hour photoshoot that we had and yet we will keep our mouth shut and let the photos do the talking.

NN Shutterbug CNY 2013 Shoot

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As we were taking shots of the models, Serge was pleasantly surprise to see Datuk Jimmy Choo in the vicinity. Not only was he ever so friendly, he grace us with his presence and let us take a photo with him.

After a few shots, we continued with our photoshoot and by this time, the girls had changed and worn a different cheong sam. Serge must admit there was particular cute looking one there.

NN Shutterbug CNY 2013 Shoot

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We finished around 12 something and then Serge headed off. To the lovely Alyvnna, thank you very much for coming.

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