Omae ga boku wa aishiteru

By in Life on 30 August, 2005

honestly speaking, telling her how he felt about her is probably the best thing he has said. But he doesn’t know if this feeling is just a feeling or is it just some blowing wind that will just pass. Who knows what the outcome would be ? who knows ? As he read the not-so-latest entry on the Antic Piglet, he said to himself “looks like you failed yourself dammit”. So being the great serge who doesn’t want to fail and to fail other people, he sms-ed her and told her something.

About 120 seconds after message was sent, she responded not by by a message but through vocal assurance. With a conversation that smacked him harder then any woman’s scorn… he was shocked,dumfounded and utterly amazed. Amazed he is with the response that she gave him. Her respond has managed to solarized his future.

Anyway, in respond to the not-so-latest entry…serge is not courting the Antic Piglet, for he doesn’t believe in that. But serge is, in his opinion which is highly over-rated is turning the hands of fate and destiny to get his wings which is perpetually broken to wrap around her. To wrap, to hold,to protect and to keep her warm. Warm not in the physical sense but in the sense of the emotional warm. As serge ponders on things yet to come… he wonders if he could close his mind and not think of the things that could,would and may have happen in the future after stating the words in the white text.

Antic Piglet, serge is the daisuki-ing the you.

4 thoughts on “Omae ga boku wa aishiteru

  1. 1

    Why speak in a third person view?

  2. 2

    that’s because, most journal i see is in the first person perspective. therefore i would like to be different from the rest.


    I didn’t really get what happened in the end. Did it turn out well?

  4. 4

    it did go well koshi….very well…

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