Soundstruck Volume 3

By in Life, Musicology, Outings on 26 February, 2013

Soundstruck Vol 3

This is the first Soundstruck which Serge had attended. It was mighty pleasant and apparently the organizer of the event knew Serge as “The Camera Guy”. As person who is two-toned deaf, Serge did not expect much from this event.

Suffice to say, he was wrong and he enjoyed some of the pieces that was played by the artiste who came on to the very small stage. It is lucky that no one who performed was a 10-band team, if not, we just do not know how they are gonna play on the stage.

Soundstruck Vol 3

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Only thing that could make it better was the placement of the monitors and adding a windshield to the mics. Feedback is often and it is annoying. Other than that, it was a good gig altogether.

Well, Serge will catch up with the rest of you soon and if you’re going to Nuffnang’s 6th Anniversary, he will see you there.

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