ICOM ICS Tribute to Musicals

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ICOM ICS Tribute To Musical

According to Serge’s record is the 3rd Celebration Series from ICOM. The first two were a Disney Tribute and a Tribute to Paul Simon. Both ICS were magical in their own symphonic way.

As a supporter of music and of the ICS (ICOM Celebration Series), Serge came to be entertain and to be entrance by the students. One of the students was a former student of Serge back in the old days, that little celaka will always be his celaka. Serge does know other students there such as the talented Sachie and Natasha Ejaz; both of these girls can make it big.

ICOM ICS Tribute To Musical

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Unfortunately, making it big in this country would be really hard unless they know the correct people. Nevertheless, these two and the others gave a performance that brought tears to the eyes of Serge.

In this particular night, the students of ICOM gave tribute to Musicals. A genre use in stage plays to communicate a message of hope and despair, love and hate and other emotions via music and songs. In the world of modern stage play, there are two factions in the performing world.. Broadway and West End. In Malaysian standards, Serge could consider it as KLPAC and PenangPAC.

Both sides are for the arts. For tonight, ICS gave tribute to both Broadway’s and West End’s musical play. Songs from Cats, The Sound of Music, Grease, My Fair Lady, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, RENT and others were performed.

ICOM ICS Tribute To Musical

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One particular song is stuck in Serge’s head and that it Seasons of Love which is taken from the musical RENT. The harmonies were to die for just like their performance of Phantom of the Opera; that last bit was a heart stopper really.

To the students of ICOM, good job. Serge will come back for your next ICS.

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    I am a fan of musicals and I can have an idea why Seasons of Love is stuck in Serge’s head. The message of the song is very powerful.

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