About thirty minutes ago, Lyle suffered from temporal blindness. All because he used some massage oil called Siang Pure Oil. Made in Thailand and superbly powerful. Three drops on to his hand and just one minute of rubbing, the vapor starts and the smell due to the camphor; made Lyle sweat.

What was he doing ? Well he was massaging his matron’s tired legs. It is a usual routine for him and yes, he knows how to massage. Well the massage was just the usual hoo-ha and yet, at the end of the session came a surprise like no other.

When Lyle gives a massage, he sometimes does not wear his glasses as when he massages; he sometime will begin to sweat. Anyway, with the massage done he put his glasses back on and when he looked up to where his Astro decoder is, he could not see the time clearly. He was roughly 60cm away. Serious shit and his vision without glasses isn’t that bad; but this was ridiculous

Such a potent massage oil, Lyle believes this is due to the vapor that cause his temporal blindness. Right now, his vision has return but it is a bit blur.

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