About thirty minutes ago, Lyle suffered from temporal blindness. All because he used some massage oil called Siang Pure Oil. Made in Thailand and superbly powerful. Three drops on to his hand and just one minute of rubbing, the vapor starts and the smell due to the camphor; made Lyle sweat.

What was he doing ? Well he was massaging his matron’s tired legs. It is a usual routine for him and yes, he knows how to massage. Well the massage was just the usual hoo-ha and yet, at the end of the session came a surprise like no other.

When Lyle gives a massage, he sometimes does not wear his glasses as when he massages; he sometime will begin to sweat. Anyway, with the massage done he put his glasses back on and when he looked up to where his Astro decoder is, he could not see the time clearly. He was roughly 60cm away. Serious shit and his vision without glasses isn’t that bad; but this was ridiculous

Such a potent massage oil, Lyle believes this is due to the vapor that cause his temporal blindness. Right now, his vision has return but it is a bit blur.

Recent rumors has spread across the bloggersphere that a petrol hike will occur somewhere in the month of August. Rumors is rumors, but when you have folks from your own social clique of both netlife, social and work force commenting on the same thing, one tends to be wary of this type of rumors.

All rumors has a basis of truth somewhere in them, it is like science fiction whereby a factual science is needed to portray the fiction that it needs to make. So far the speaking wind of change has stated that an increase of RM2 might occur and thus bringing petrol prices in Malaysia to RM4.70. A high price to pay to some Malaysians for fuel in this country.

We can hear the shouts and the cry of the countrymen as they scream of murder and rage to the government for not reducing the petrol hike that might occur. But do they not see that this is inevitable ? Global economy of the world is going down slowly, import and export of oil from the Arab countries will increase and the ever notion of War on Terror by the United States government will indeed push the oil price to an all time high.

Until the Bush administration is over, Lyle suspects that this rumor is called for. One can hope that in 2009 and hopefully by that time, Senator Barack Obama will be the new President of the United States and call back the US troops, which they have expanded for far too long in both manpower and in military finance. Maybe then, we in this location smack between Singapore and Thailand will have a lower petrol price.

But to the Malaysians out there who might be reading this, complaining to the government on this may not matter at all as this are forces that we cannot make a change. Though it is in the best interest of Lyle that we could do something about it.

As stated from a friend of Lyle and others who shares his same sentiment, “Oh how I wish that Abdullah Badawi will step down from the throne of power and a new Prime Minister with the guts and eloquence of Barack Obama will step forth and take the throne that has been smothered by illegalities that curdles blood.”

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