Never Say Never – Before the Premiere

JB NSN Premiere

This happened somewhere in April 2011 whereby TuneTalk had a premiere screening of the Justin Bieber movie called Never Say Never. Apparently there was some sort of flashmob that occurred before the screening happen, something which Lyle had missed as he arrived after it was over but he was still early for the event.

Saw some very familiar faces here and there. Of course you have those younglins who are jieber fanatics. Well the night was good and after it was over he headed home and rested of course. Next up after the jump a collection of pictures of people through the art of pixel thieving.

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Star Trek – review

Thanks to the people of the All Malaysia Bloggers Project , we were delighted and thrilled and trans-warp to be honored with the Premiere Invitation to Star Trek directed by J.J. Abrams. For the rest of Malaysia, you guys will only be watching this movie on the 8th of May… therefore Lyle had a week notice and the following can be considered spoilers.

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