Somersby Pear Launch 2014

About a week and a half ago, we were reminded on how old Serge’s iPad is. That it will be 24 months old when June 2014 arrives. Reason being it was Somersby, the same people that Serge won it from is where he is at this moment in time. In June 2012, Somersby under Carlsberg Malaysia was launch and this was their apple cider variant. With the love given and spread by cider lovers, Carlsberg introduce the next variant from Somersby.

Politiko League Publika Bee

So Serge was out at The Bee at Publika to play Politiko. It’s a card game which makes fun of the Malaysian General Election and is something which he will recommend.

As a person who has played Monopoly Deal, this game was easy to learn. Also, he learn to play thanks to a few people during Layan Fest. Although he lost in the end, Serge was happy to be there.

WAMM & VIP presents Nick Davis

Looking at things, Nick Davis solo career is kicking off in the direction everyone wants. That direction is Up and thus Serge was at The Bee @ Publika to watch front man of Rosevelt release his single entitled Cover Me. Before Serge came to The Bee, he was in KL for a small project before heading to The Bee at Jaya One to kill time.

Time killing as it was too early to be at The Bee of Publika. It was a good pit stop as he met the gorgeous Sheena Liam and had a chat with the lovely belle before both of them parted ways. And even though he delayed as much as he could, Serge still arrived at the event an hour early.

Come Together 2012 - Pray For Alda Evan Tan

Last Sunday, Serge rock out and nearly died at Publika. He was there to assist Team Alda in photographing their Come Together fund-raiser event. He spent close to 12 hours moving between three activity zones and even though he crashed and burn upon his return to the kingdom; the pleasure of helping out is just tremendous.

For those who does not know, the fund-raiser was to gather loot to pay Alda’s medical bill as the man is still in a coma and the bill is running. Alda, we are not sure if you’ll read this… We want you to wake up man!


Hey Guys and Gals! Come on to Publika this May 13th and have fun with a whole bunch of us misfits as we gather funds in support of our local musician – Alda Evan Tan!

An Honest Mistake's Showcase + 2nd Album Launch

Yesterday was the official launch of An Honest Mistake‘s second album entitled “Say What You Want, Say What You Will” at Publika. Serge was there from around 1400hrs till about 2300hrs (though the actual event ended at 1900hrs). He after all said and done was as tired as a person who did the marathon twice with no stopping at all.

Besides being really tired, with the hot sun blazing out; we are certain that Serge is tanned though he has yet to look in the mirror today to see how dark he has become. Anyway, this is an account of what had happened yesterday and do note that this is going to take a while to load due to the amount of images and videos.

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