The Final Chapter.

Tonight at 11.59pm of November 11, 2016. We close the final chapter of Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror.

We will be shifting to a new site in the next few days. Thank you all who has stick with me through the madness that came when I was an idiot (still am).

Black Onyx Cube Luxury Bracelets Launches on Kickstarter

According to ancient sources, onyx stone can help one to keep in line, focus and guide the will, and this brings about a significant gain in one’s personal power for people with a lot of ideas. New designer from Dublin A. Velichkovski has created first in the world luxury onyx bracelets in a new cube shape with new modern design. Black onyx color is very popular now in gadgets and jewellery. Modern high tech design of these bracelets represented in a new form of cube shaped beads with steel gold coated item. Three colors are available: silver, gold and rose gold. Bracelets are suitable with or without a jacket and looks perfect with T-shirt.

Some Employees Knew Yahoo Was Compromised Years Before Massive Hack Was Revealed

In September, just two months after Verizon announced plans to acquire Yahoo, the search and email giant revealed that state-sponsored hackers had stolen the personal information of 500 million users. According to Yahoo, it began seriously investigating the attack this summer, but the company now says at least some employees knew of the breach as early as 2014.

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